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Rich Service is a small Polish utility company specializing in multiple installations like gas, water, ventilation and central heating. Our goal was to create a budget friendly website to kick-start the online presence of the company.

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My client has an extensive history of handyman work in his town, where he would rely on word recommendations from his costumers, however he would like to expand his target audience, who rely heavily on online information. My biggest challenge is the minimal budget, that my costumer has.


To minimize the costs, I decided to use a free web hosting service,, for a trial website for my client. This way he can test if this is something he needs and wants to invest it, without having to code the whole website, which is expensive and needs monitoring. Wix also offers premium plans which also SEO feature, making it a good all-rounder for a small business like him.

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I created a simple, informative logo that would help my client to be recognized as a professional. One of my main concerns was the fact that the logo itself is in English and not in Polish, which creates a barrier between my client and his costumers, therefore I decided to use every opportunity to describe the company as service provider; I decided to add the word "Instalacje" (Installations) to expand the logo. I also used three very popular colours in the field; orange for gas/fire, blue for water and green for ecological solutions. Another concern of mine was to ensure the logo would be readable for a moving car, as my client's main advertisement would be on the road, that's why I chose a typeface that resembles the official typeface used for road sings.


After discussing possible website layouts with my client, we decided that single page website, with most important information/services condensed in a form of list would be the best solution to my client's request. I created the web elements in accordance to the brand guidelines. To minimize the costs of maintenance I used a free website builder, witch premium plans available, if my client wishes to expand the website. By using an easy to learn web builder, I can ensure that my client can update and navigate the information on the website by himself.

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